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Vei – a range of tableware


The culture of food and how we serve it have all become a big part of our experience of a meal. Food is sensual, hence how it is served and on what should appeal just as much to our senses. What Skotte wants to achieve with this range of tableware called Vei, the Norwegian word for road, is to design products one immediately wants to touch, which are inspiring and that touches you as the user. 


This range consists of a plate, large and small bowl, a small plate and a container with a wooden lid. Vei is handmade. It is made of white and coloured porcelain.

Skotte has enhanced the shapes by keeping the outsides unglazed, and only use colours on the inside. Vei is kept in the colours white, black, greyblue, grey and coral.

Dish washer safe.


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