Sara Skotte

Sara Skotte is a designer maker, working in the intersection between design and art. Her porcelain is very tactile, you wish to touch and use these products.

All her products are hand made and is characterized by originality and usability. Her philosophy is to design products that through the design and its high quality will stand the test of time.

Skotte is interested in what way the things that surround us affect us physically and on a more conceptual level.

Her wish is to design everyday objects that gives the user a positive experience and that challenges her.  





Kirkeristen, behind Oslo Domkirke

Dronningensgate 27

0154 Oslo

Open every Thursday and Friday 09-16.

+ 47 986 94 739

Instagram: #saraskottedesign




You will soon find a webshop here, but until then:

Do not hesitate to contact Skotte for direct sales. She´ll be more than happy to mail you your new Sara Skotte Design product.

Sara Skotte